Forbes Terminated Corruption Researcher After He Looked Too Closely at Fauci’s Financials

Dr Anthony Fauci, the once-ubiquitous face of the Covid pandemic, has suddenly disappeared from the public limelight.

And here are the findings from the Forbes research on Fauci’s financials.

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When Adam Andrzejewski, the co-founder of, began poking around in Dr Fauci’s financials for a Forbes piece, the retaliation came swiftly. He explained his perspective in a recent Substack post.

“Dr Anthony Fauci is the most highly compensated federal employee and the most visible,” Andrzejewski said. “So, it’s incumbent upon all of us to give him oversight.”

“In 2011, I founded a national transparency organization called,” he explained. “Last year, we filed 47,000 Freedom of Information Act requests, the most in American history. We successfully captured and displayed online $12 trillion of federal, state, and local spending.”

“Over the past 14 months – since January 2021 – we investigated Dr Fauci’s financials by filing FOIA requests,” Andrzejewski added. “When I published our original reporting at Forbes, here is what happened.”

“The National Institutes of Health, Fauci’s employer, loaded an artillery shell in their big gun and fired it at the C-suite at Forbes,” he went on. “Quickly, Forbes folded and my column was terminated.”

Then, he explains how something changed the moment he took on America’s purported ‘top doc.’

“In 2020, I published 36 investigations at Forbes and the editors chose 26 for special showcase on the platform, a designation called ‘Editors’ Pick’,” he noted.

“The first piece I published in 2021 broke national news that Dr Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee and even out-earned the president, four-star generals, and 4.3 million colleagues,” he added. “That piece alone has 900,000+ views.”

“However, none of the 56 articles I published during 2021-2022 received an ‘Editors’ Pick’ designation,” he noted. “Something changed at Forbes after I wrote about Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

Andrzejewski then recounts how he was finally able to obtain a closer look at Fauci’s financials.

“On January 12, Sen. Marshall wrote a demand letter to NIH for Dr. Fauci’s unredacted ethics/financial disclosures,” he said. “In the letter, Marshall included footnotes that referenced my Fauci-Forbes columns.”

“On Friday, January 14 at 5:00 pm ET, NIH produced Fauci’s unredacted ethics/financial disclosures from 2019 and 2020 subject to Sen. Marshall’s demand letter. The 2020 disclosures had never been released and only heavily redacted 2019 disclosures were previously released,” he went on.

“Working through the night, I dug through the 178 pages of disclosure and published the breaking investigation at Forbes on Saturday, January 15 at 3:03 pm ET, Disclosures Show Dr. Fauci’s Household Made $1.7 Million In 2020, Including Income, Royalties, Travel Perks And Investment Gains.”

This was the top-line findings from his investigation:

Net worth: The Fauci household net worth exceeded $10.4 million.
Earnings and gains: Salaries, benefits, royalties, investment gains in the Fauci household exceeded $1.7 million in 2020.
Fauci’s wife: Christine Grady, the chief bioethicist at NIH made $234,284 in 2020.
Royalties: Fauci made between $100,000 and $1 million as an editor and board member of McGraw-Hill.
Awards: In 2021, Fauci was awarded a $1 million prize for “speaking truth to power” from the Dan David Foundation in Israel.


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