Exposing The Pedophiles – End The CABAL! [MUST-WATCH]

What would you do if one of the companies in Washington that started this law firm represented a medical coding research company?

What if you know that Obama Care was designed for one reason – child trafficking?

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That’s why Obama Care was created. They invested too much money to build the three supercomputers in Texas.

A mother goes to her gynecologist to find out she is pregnant. He enters the code, the child trafficker are tracking that mother’s pregnancy, and they know if she has an abortion or she has live birth.

They track this child for a couple of years and know that if it has blond hair, blue eyes, etc. These people have every kind of data, DNA, blood type, everything!

The Obama Care coding system eliminated medical confidentiality from the US and around the world. It’s medical abduction!

Parents who went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital and talked to doctors took notes and gave them to the medical coding expert. She inserts those notes into the PC, and they have the data.

Watch the video below:


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