Dr. Malone: Modern Propaganda! Here’s Where Joe Rogan And Spotify Went Wrong!

“My point of view on Donald Trump has flip-flopped. Red pilled is the only metaphor that seems to work.”

Biden stated he would unify the country, but Americans have been vilified and censored for questioning the 2020 election and the C-19 agenda since taking office.

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These two topics led to censoring Trump, Dr. Robert Malone, and Joe Rogan.

Behind the massive censoring was Joe Biden and the Big Tech.

Having witnessed the power of big tech, big pharma, and the WH, Dr. Robert Malone discussed with Glenn Beck the growing threat.

In the video, you can hear Dr. Malone confessing before the Biden admin and the pandemic he had a comfortable lifestyle as he consulted with pharmaceutical companies and Washington DC.

After the C-19 agenda, Dr. Malone watched as he and some other colleagues were helpless at the hands of the mainstream media.

Dr. Malone went further and explained how people like Joe Rogan weren’t ready for the backlash they would receive for going against the C-19 agenda.



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