Convicted January 6 Political Prisoner Guy Reffitt From DC Gitmo Interviewed! You Must Hear This Exclusive Heartbreaking Interview!

In incredible forgiveness and compassion, convicted J6 Guy Reffitt talked to the Gateway Pundit about how much he misses his son.

Jackson Reffitt, the son, had recorded his father at their home for eight days while working with the FBI and acted as the crucial witness for the prosecution to convict his father.

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Reffitt talked to the Gateway Pundit for the first time about his son.

You can hear the exclusive interview with Reffitt in the video below:

He had nothing but tenderness and compassion in his voice.

“I will always love my son, and he can always come home,” said Guy Reffitt, who is back in DC Gitmo to await his sentencing on June 8. “I will always be happy to see him.”

You can read the full transcript of the interview at the end of this article.

Jackson reached the FBI on Christmas Eve of 2020 and met with them on January 6 as the day’s events unfolded on TV.

“He was angry that he didn’t get to go to that BLM protest,” said Reffitt. “Well, he got to go to the BLM protest; I didn’t stop him from doing that- I just told him he couldn’t take Mom’s car, and he was angry with me. That was going to be brought forward in a trial in the questioning of him, but it didn’t….”

Reffitt’s inadequate public defender William Welch didn’t question Reffitt about this incident on the stand. He barely defended his client at all.

“I think Jackson was just mad at me,” continued Reffitt. “He was extremely mad throughout 2020 anyway- he was very angry, because of the political strife that had gone on in 2020- he was very upset about Trump and didn’t like Trump, and he was wanting to go to BLM rallies and stuff, and I had no problems with that. I didn’t agree with the way they were doing things all 2020, and my political views were more to the conservative side, and he didn’t see it that way. I believe his political beliefs are in some way an attack on me for having mine…I don’t understand that.”

Hear the full interview in the video below:

“The left loves to encourage families to turn on each other,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “It is what they do best. Break up the nuclear family in any way they can. Brainwash and praise children for turning their parents over to the government. It is straight out of Orwell’s dystopian ‘1984’.”

Jackson was regarded as a hero of the liberals and got encouragement from the left after Chris Cuomo interviewed him with praise for turning his dad in.

The DC Jury deliberated for only an hour before coming up with a guilty verdict across the board for refit. They found him guilty on five counts:” obstruction of an official proceeding, being unlawfully present on Capitol grounds while armed with a firearm, transporting firearms during a civil disorder, interfering with law enforcement officers during a civil disorder, and obstruction of justice.”

Scott MacFarland of CBS news stated that one of the jurors told him the jury “hoped they made a statement” to other J6’ers and “the lack of a defense presentation” was telling.

Right now, Reffitt faces up to 60 years in prison.

“If this first J6 case taught them anything, it should be DON’T USE THE LIBERAL PUBLIC DEFENDERS,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Reffitt’s public defender did not defend him or bring any witnesses to the stand. He didn’t show the video to the court that had the potential to exonerate Reffitt. It makes me question just who he was working for.”

Reffitt’s public defender William Welch got the video files that show Reffitt wasn’t the tip of the spear-like the prosecution contested. Rey Epps and crew had already passed through that zone 45 minutes previously. Welch didn’t shoot the videos in court. The jury came back 2.5 hours later. It’s assumed that they didn’t watch the videos.

“I wish they had watched the videos and taken into account that the fate of my life was in their hands,” said Reffitt. “I wish they would have cared enough to take the time to study the evidence and deliberate, but they didn’t. One of the jurors even fell asleep during the trial. I guess I didn’t expect to have a jury that wasn’t biased.”
Biden called January 6 protesters “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists.”

Reffitt had eyes for his 17 years old daughter as she sat in the courtroom on the last day of his trial.

“She looked so beautiful,” he told TGP in his first interview since the trial. “She has grown up so much.”

“It is so important Reffitt hires a private attorney and fires Public Defender William Welch,” continued Ryan of Citizen’s Against Political Persecution. “He has a great case for appeal based on the exclusion of evidence and ineffective assistance of counsel. It was no coincidence the first J6er the DOJ tried had a passive liberal public defender. They were looking for a slam dunk to terrify the other J6ers to plea out and used Mr. Reffitt as an example.”

She continued: “This defense attorney did the bare minimum to defend his client, and there were some questionable actions that lead some to believe he was actually assisting the prosecution more than anything.”

Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy refit and mother to Jackson Reffitt, stated: “Jackson recorded his family home for eight days following his Dad’s return from DC, and many of the recordings were Jackson provoking his dad into the debate, and out and out purposely provoking his dad…all at the behest of the FBI.”

Reffitt had broken down and wept uncontrollably when his son entered the courtroom in the trial.

“I hadn’t seen him in over a year now, and he grew so much, I couldn’t believe it,” said Reffitt. “I was so happy to see him after so long…but at the same time, it was breaking my heart that he was about to testify against me on the stand. I just could take it.”

“It will be one of the greatest days of my future when I can hug my son again,” Reffitt said. “I don’t want him to feel guilt. My father and I didn’t get along when I was eighteen either, but when I turned twenty-five, things changed. I am hoping the same thing happens with my son- that in a few years, we can mend things.

“If this is what he felt like he had to do, I have to respect him as a man. He’s come into his own manhood, and I brought him into this world to be the man he is. I may disagree with him, but I have to respect him. I created him, and I’m happy about that.”

Reffitt added that he is positive because, for him, it is the only option. “I can never let them beat me,” he said. “I can’t let them get me down. Or else how would I come back from that?”

“I also pray,” he said. “I am close to God. My father was a Pastor. I have to believe that what is happening to me is happening for a reason, to make me stronger for something greater.”

Below you can find the full transcript of Guy Reffitt’s interview provided by TGP.

Cara: I just don’t understand how you always sound so positive.

Reffitt: Yea, my attorney said that earlier, we were talking about some things just a little while ago, and he was like you know I have credit you- you always seem like you are in such great spirits.

Cara: Are you? How do you do that?

Reffitt: (laughs) Yes, I typically am. I have a very optimistic look on life. 

Cara: That’s good.

Reffitt: I just refuse to let all of this beat me. I refuse to let that happen. If it ever does beat me I don’t know if I could ever fix that. And so if I just don’t allow it to beat me then I can just continue forward.

Cara: That is a good outlook. It’s crazy. I get so depressed, everybody does…and I think to myself- how are you guys dealing and especially you who is so positive- it’s amazing. 

Reffitt: With everything going on with the family, if I break down in here I don’t know how these guys would handle that…it’s already enough stress for them too…and seeing what I’m having to go though, its a bit different than most of what they are dealing with and if I can’t hold together…I don’t know…I just feel like I should do it, just for them if not for anybody else for my family…and to help out everybody- so I just stay positive. I just won’t let them beat me. I’m never gonna let them beat me.

Cara: I know that many people are very interested in how you feel after the trial. How are you feeling?

Reffitt: Well, I was rather exhausted…so I didn’t last long. When I did lay down I fell asleep pretty quick and pretty hard because it is an exhausting situation. As far as the emotions go from the trial and verdict it was hard and I expected so much because I expected the jury to be very biased and clearly they were. It’s difficult to say that after only two and a half hours from the moment of deliberation they said they had a verdict and that was through lunch which was potentially an hour, so they only deliberated for an hour and a half- determines to me that they never looked at the potential defense or any of the full length videos. Each of the three videos are 19 minutes and 58 seconds long. That’s just short of 60 minutes of video- that’s one hour in of itself (and thats not counting replays) to determine certain aspects of the videos. If they would have watched the full length videos and all three of them they would have probably came to a different opinion other than straight guilt across the board.

Cara: Yes, I agree and I wish the defense had brought that into evidence but unfortunately that did not happen…

Cara: What about your family? Talk to me about that. How do you think they are taking this?

Reffitt: The one thing that’s the most important thing in the world to me are my kids in my wife. My wife is the strongest person I’ve ever met and my children are by proxy just as strong. So my emotions fall every bit on how much I can do for them- how much I wish I didn’t put them though this by being there… 

Cara: How did you fell seeing you daughter in the courtroom? I know you haven’t seen her in a long time.

Reffitt: She looks so grown up, she’s so beautiful- her and I have been really close. I have spoken a lot to her so I know how much she loves me and she knows how much I love her. It has just been so long since I’ve seen her. It was just crazy to see her…knowing that she is there and what she is there for…she was going to testify…but apparently the prosecution felt it was in their best interest to do so.

Cara: Right, because she was going to say she did not feel threatened by you.

Reffitt: Yea, she didn’t, she know that I have run my mouth and I’ve said lots of things. A typical quote from my father that has gone from his mouth and has come out of my mouth with my kids growing up is its very common to say to you kids is “I brought you into this world, I’ll take you out”. I believe it is considered a death threat- it is never meant a death threat, I’ve never threatened my kids with death in reality. That day that they are taking about was an angry moment of my son walking into the kitchen and apparently trying to upset me by saying that he believed in communism and he was a communist and that he wanted the United States to become a communist country. He had already poked at me and I said some things that I shouldn’t have said…everything was out of context, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Cara: How does it feel? It must be so ridiculous to know that people actually thing that you threatened to shoot your kids…

Reffitt: It is the only reason that anybody would even bring that forward to any kind of degree- is because of my son. And it’s only because he’s angry that he didn’t get to go to that BLM protest- well he got to go to the BLM protest, I didn’t stop him from doing that- I just told him he couldn’t take Mom’s car and he was angry with me. That was going to be brought forward in trial in the questioning of him and but it didn’t…

Cara: Why?

Reffitt: I don’t know, it was discussed between Bill and I but it didn’t get questioned. That was back in December before Christmas before he made the tip to the FBI- he was angry initially at the fact that I would not allow him to take Mom’s car, but that was before Christmas.

Cara: The 24th, right? Christmas Eve right? That is when the tip was turned in?

Reffitt: Yea, so he contacted the FBI on the 24th and I believe that was real close to around the time that he was angry at me for not allowing him to take Mom’s car to the protest- his sister took him to the protest- I didn’t say he couldn’t do that- just not the car- that’s it.

Cara: Right. And did you pick up on the fact that he was tape recording you at any point?

Reffitt: No. No, I would never understand why anybody would do such a thing, you know? Even now, his demeanor was so calm in the recordings that he was making jokes and he was positioning his phone so he could get a better recording. So yea, there’s no way I could guess that. That was my private home.

Cara: To this day, why do you think he did it? Do you really think he really thought you were a threat? Or not? Or maybe he was just mad at you?

Reffitt: I think he was just mad at me…he was extremely mad throughout 2020 anyway- he was very angry, because of the political strife that had gone on in 2020- he was very upset about Trump and didn’t like Trump, and he was wanting to go to BLM rallies and stuff and I had no problems with that. I didn’t agree with the way they were doing things all 2020 and my political views were more to the conservative side and he didn’t see it that way.

One of his teachers in high school in his “Ingenuity” class used mine and Nicole’s Facebook account to demonstrate how conservative people can be in life. And they used it in class.

Cara: In his class?!!

Reffitt- Yes, that is my understanding to be the true facts. That in his high school “Ingenuity” class the teacher used me and Nicole’s Facebook account as an example to the class of conservative people and their rhetoric.

Cara: Sick. I thought you lived in Texas were people and high schools were normal. 

Reffitt: Yea, check with Nicole and she can confirm more of that and the detail of that but that is actually a fact. We had actually discussed suing the teacher but because of our financial situation we were not able to do it.

Cara: So, I wanted to tell you something- listen. I wrote an article where I somewhat insulted you attorney- that’s just my opinion- I hope you don’t take it offensively. 

Reffitt: No, that’s fine.

Cara: I don’t think he did a good job- at all. I think that somebody else could have done a better job, I think that I could have done a better job. 

Reffitt:  (laughs) Yea, I think I could too.

Cara: That is just my opinion. So, I had no choice but to just say how I felt. I tried to go easy but I do think that when you have a public defender there is a certain degree where they are part of the problem. A part of the machine and they don’t fight for you as hard and I had a problem that he didn’t bring forth certain evidence. I understand there was an explanation behind all of it but I just think he could have done a way better job- that’s just my opinion. So I just wanted to put that on record as one of the people who watched it, and saw it with my own eyes. I think he should have removed his mask- that’s number one- when he spoke to the jury, I get it, he has grandchildren or whatever (reason he said). But there was a piece of glass and at least six (away from the jury)- so whatever. But it is what it is. But Guy, thank you so much for staying so positive. And your family- you are so blessed- your kids are amazing, your wife is beautiful, your Mother is awesome, your brother is cool- your so lucky. You have such a long life to live and so much to look forward to…so you are very blessed.

Reffitt: Well, according to Scott MacFarlane (news reporter) I will be here for life he said I am getting 60 years in my sentencing… I’m like it doesn’t work like that but okay.

Cara: Yea, I heard that the jury said they were trying to possibly make a point to the other J6ers, which is true- they did say something along those lines.

Reffitt: Oh, did you find the quote on that?

Cara: Yes, it was something like: we weren’t trying to make a point but “we hope that one was made” or something like that.

Cara: How do you think Jackson feels? 

Reffitt: (Sighs). Thats a hard one. I don’t know. It wasn’t the child I raised on that stand. I don’t know…(LONG PAUSE)…sorry….I don’t know how that…I don’t know that….I don’t even know how to say that…I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what happens to a person…I don’t know what (happened to him)…I don’t know he came to be that…(CLEARS THROAT)…I just don’t know. I don’t know what to say about that, it’s just emotional… he showed no emotion…he was a robot and it was as if they were just holding his hand (the FBI, DOJ)….and coached him through all of that…but to not show any emotion towards the situation is just beyond me.

He did not agree with my political beliefs. I don’t agree with his political beliefs…but I actually took him to make sure that he was registered to vote. I made sure that his registration went out in the mail. I made sure that he was properly a registered voter…because of his political beliefs it didn’t affect me that way, but I don’t think that’s the same for him- I believe his political beliefs are in some way an attack on me for having mine…I don’t understand that. I don’t think I will truly ever understand that. But I still love my son- that boy is every bit as important to me as any part of my family and I will never hold what happened to him or to me or to any one of us against him…but it will take time to accept how it all played out.

Cara: I know that you mentioned to me the other day that the greatest day of your life will be when you hug your son again.

Reffitt: Yes, I would love to know that this is over with and that any political beliefs won’t come between me and my son. I have no reason to believe that he will continue having such strong political beliefs. I would like to just hug him, and tell him that I love him- and say let’ s get past this…ya know…there is a long life ahead of us. It shouldn’t be like this.

Cara: Right. You had mentioned that you may disagree with him but you respect his decisions?

Reffitt: Oh yea. Yea…I mean…I raised that boy well I think. I raised him to be a strong person. I respect his decisions but I don’t have to agree with them. But I respect them. I mean he is a man. He is a man I created, you know? He will always be a part of me. And I will always be a part of him. He’s a grown man- he makes his decisions, I respect his decisions. I don’t have to agree with them. And when this is over with and I know it will end…I hope that there is that mutual respect. 

Cara: Do you think he is going to have regret, or he already does have regret about what happened?

Reffitt: (PAUSE) I think he does. I don’t know how he couldn’t.

Cara: You said one thing- the most powerful thing you said to me was when you said the best day of your life was going to be when you can hug Jackson again. Can you tell me that story again before we get cut off?

Reffitt: (PAUSE) Yea.

VOICE OPERATOR CUT IN- “You have one minute left.”

Reffitt: (Voice cracks) I mean, most people in here (jail) can’t understand- they say “I would be so mad at my son”… but I just… I can’t be…you know- I’m sad…but I just want to hold him…I just want to hug him (VOICE CRACKS). I just want to say, you know- that I love you…(WEEPS, CLEARS THROAT)…God, this is so hard. 

Cara: I know. That’s the hardest part.

Reffitt- (Sighs deeply).

Cara: Well, I’m praying for you. We all are. You’re beautiful inside and out- like I said, you have such a good heart. I know one when I see one- you’re a good person and you are going to be great. 

Reffitt: Thank you. 

Cara: So just stay strong. It was really an honor getting to meet your family and getting to cover this. It is a testament…

BEEP BEEP BEEP. PHONE LINE DROPS OFF (15 minute limit on calls expired).

Cara: Ah, it got cut off. But I was going to say it is a testament in strength and in forgiveness. But we just got cut off. So, this is Cara Castronuova and I was just interviewing Guy Reffitt from prison. Yesterday he was convicted on all five charges against him by the government for crimes on January 6th. It has been nothing but educational talking to this man who has such forgiveness in his heart for his son and it should be educational for all Americans who are harboring grudges against family members or against anybody for that matter. If this man can forgive his son for testifying and working with the FBI to put him in jail- then you can forgive anybody for anything.




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