CDC’s Director Rochelle Walensky Finally ‘Comes Clean’ on C-19 Vaccine Mistakes

She has been announcing her “way out of guilt” for quite some time now, giving honest opinions and statements regarding the vaccination and the possible unwanted outcomes, as well as the early noticing of them by the CDC.

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CDC’s guidance was used as a rationale by not only American governors, but other countries in the world as well.

They stood at the front of the obvious inception of COVID vaccines and other “relevant” mandates regarding the “deadly disease”.

Apparently, they were nothing but mare fiction, unsupported by numbers and other important evidence.

CDC’s Director Rochelle Walensky this weekend gave a talk at her alma mater, the Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, she discussed the “lessons learned” from the Covid pandemic in a frank and humble manner that does not comport with the magisterial powers bestowed on the agency by the United States media.

“The CDC Director makes a number of confessions of the actual science that got American citizens censored, banned, or de-platformed for saying on social media. However, since Walensky is ostensibly one of the privileged elite, she is ‘allowed’ to reveal the many ways that she was mistaken or otherwise changed her mind as more data and information came in,” Trending Politics reported.

“Nobody said ‘waning’ when this vaccine is going to work, ‘oh well maybe it’ll wear off.’ Nobody said ‘well, what if…it’s not as potent against the next variant,’” she claimed. “I have frequently said ‘we’re going to lead with the science’…I think the public heard that as ‘science is foolproof. Science is black and white.’…The truth is science is grey. And science is not always immediate.”


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