BREAKING NEWS: New York Times Denied That The Killed Journalist In Ukraine Was Working For Them! He Was A US Intel Collector!

The New York Times Journalist reported killed today wasn’t working for the NYT when his death.

According to the NYT, he was some sort of US Intel collector.

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We have previously reported that an NYT journalist was killed in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since then, the New York Times has denied that Brent Renaud was forking for them at the time of his death. He was some sort of an Intel collector for the US, reported the Times.

There’s a video of a man next to Renaud’s body speaking in Ukrainian, stating that the Russians have killed the journalist.

There are some problems with Renaud’s death. He got shot in the back of his head. It doesn’t look like he was wearing some Media press Bulletproof vest or a helmet. But, he appears to be wearing a military green fleece.

He knew what a bulletproof vest looked like because he was pictured wearing one in the past.

It’s sad news, but what’s coming from Ukraine as information has to be vetted thoroughly.


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