Additional 500 US Troops Going To Europe!

The US shouldn’t send more troops to Europe.

The US government agreed to send 500 more troops to the EU to improve NATO security in the zone in the face of the current Russian military aggression.

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I am amazed by how these people clamored that Trump would be the one to start WWIII, but in fact, the Dems are those who are about to start it.

Biden begged Putin to invade Ukraine, and many theories abound as to why.

This is the latest development:


Insider Paper confirmed:

The United States has already deployed 12,000 additional soldiers to Europe this year, but President Joe Biden has stressed that US troops will not engage in a conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine. 

Over the weekend, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered an extra “500 US military personnel to locations in Europe to augment existing forces,” the defense official told reporters.

CNBC has more :

President Biden has said that U.S forces wouldn’t enter Ukraine. Rather, U.S. forces have been deployed to North Atlantic Treaty Organization states to bolster security on the alliance’s eastern flank, closest to the conflict, and to send a message of deterrence to Russia.


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