33rd Degree Freemason Whistleblower Exposes Illuminati And New World Order Ukraine Agenda

“The Russia/Ukraine conflict is part of the Great Reset agenda.”

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Over the previous two years, there have been several plans that appeared to surround the quest for total government control. COVID-19 jabs, covering children, and, of course, the requirement that began it all, lockdowns were among them. While none proved effective in stopping the coronavirus from spreading (if they even worked), the Biden administration continues with their unquestionable support.

Furthermore, the world is watching as Russia invades Ukraine, and numerous governments talk about nuclear fallout. With each new month seeming to bring a fresh catastrophe, Maria Zeee recently spoke with Leo Lyon Zagami about the concept of the New World Order and the Great Reset.

What made Zeee’s discussion with Leo so interesting was the fact that he was once a 33rd degree Freemason. He has since become a writer with over 20 books surrounding secret societies, the Freemasons, and the New World Order agenda.

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