2022: 2020 Voter Fraud Evidence Continues to Trickle Out

We still haven’t got to the bottom of things regarding the phoney 2020 elections.

The fraud was the biggest thing that ever occurred in our country’s politics to that day.

Not, we are finding out an even bigger hoax that is definitely related – the Hillary Trump surveillance that went deeper than the Deep State allegations.

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To anyone paying attention, it was easy to see that the presidential election was stolen in 2020. There were affidavits of voting machines connected to the internet and other suspicious behaviors; poll watchers kept out of key areas; ballots with mismatched signatures; ballots with no chain of custody verification and much more.
No one believes that Biden got more votes than Obama. And no one believes that he got more votes than Trump. Not more LEGITIMATE votes.

Corrupt democrat politicians who would manufacture a Russia collusion hoax with Donald Trump are certainly not above cheating to win an election.

One of the latest things exposed include a report in Wisconsin that shows 91 nursing homes had 95-100% voter turnout in 2020. This information came to light after a special counsel investigation.

According to Just the News, integrity watchdog Phill Kline said, “And now we have videotaped depositions and interviews with their family members saying, ‘My loved one hasn’t been able to vote for years and has been deemed to be incompetent.’”

Linda Sinkula, a Wisconsin election clerk, had feared that the 2020 election “wouldn’t be a fair election” because of private funding of public election administration. That funding came in the form of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

And coming soon, we have a Dinesh D’Souza documentary that will expose drop box voter fraud. He’s got evidence of mules stuffing ballot boxes all over the place. The documentary calls these mules paid or unpaid operatives who put ballots in multiple drop boxes in 2020.


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