Zelensky Asked The Congress To Do More About The Nuclear-Armed Russia Threat! Americans Endure Disastrous Great Reset Policies! [WATCH]

The Ukrainian President Zelensky talked to the US Congress via video call to ask the US and the Congress for help.

He asked America to do more against Nuclear-Armed Russia! He wants America to save the Ukrainians.

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But, we all know what that means. The involvement of America in the war would start world war III, and no one wants that.

Alex Jones breaks down the Central Intelligence Agency’s admission that the US military has been conducting a covert war against Russia in Ukraine since the Obama admin,

Furthermore, Owen Shroyer opens the phone lines to talk to Americans about what they make of Ukrainian President Zelensky’s address to the US Congress.

Kate Dallet hosted the final hour with a special guest Jim Willi to discuss the investments, the real estate market, and something else.




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