Woman Died Due To Rate Brain Bleed Caused By The C-19 Vaccine!

Government assures us that the vaccines are safe and effective for taking, and the benefits outweigh the risks, but people don’t trust this anymore.


They don’t trust them because they have experienced that the shots cause serious side effects on their skin.

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Advances in medical understanding of vaccine reactions aided a British Corner’s Inquiry to determine a woman’s death was caused by an adverse reaction to the C-19 vaccination.

Kim Lockwood, 34, was a mother of two from Rotherham, England. It’s a large town in South Yorkshire. She complained of headache eight days after the vaccination with AstraZeneca in March 2021.

BBC report stated that she had become sicker and went to the Rotherham Hospital, and seventeen hours later, she was declared dead.

Evidence present during the inquest determined that Lockwood first went to Rotherham Hospital on March 22 but left after a long wait without being seen by care providers.

However, she returned the next morning after she suffered from debilitating headaches, blurred vision, and vomiting, and later she couldn’t speak in full sentences.

By 2 am. On March 24, the doctors called her family to say their goodbyes.

“South Yorkshire Coroner Nicola Mundy said Mrs. Lockwood had been “extremely unlucky.”

Doctor Mundy stated that the cause of death was Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia VITT and returned a verdict of misadventure. The US National Center for Biotechnology Information described: VITT is a clinical syndrome that entails the “development of thrombosis at uncommon sites” and may include cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or splanchnic venous thrombosis.

It’s a condition where blood clots block veins and arteries to deliver blood around the body.

Damian, the husband, told British media that his wife had complained: “her head felt like it was going to explode.”

The father, Wayne Merrill, recalled her last words: her headache was actually killing her.

“Kim’s pain wasn’t appropriately managed, and the family should have been listened to,” Mundy reportedly said. A family tribute read during the hearing said Lockwood was “kind, fun-loving and always the first and last on the dance floor at parties.”

Mundy noted Lockwood had donated her organs to medical research, which showed what kind of person Kim was.

The family said after the hearing that she had died in agony, and they expressed concerns about her treatment.

However, the family planned to pursue a medical negligence claim against the hospital trust.


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