Vatican Calls For Suspension Of Intellectual Property Rights To Distribute More C-19 Shots!

The Vatican again declared that C-19 vaccines are good, warranting significant public action to disseminate globally, despite the use of aborted fetal cells causing great moral anguish for millions of Catholics and other Christians.

Vatican News reported that the Vatican Permanent Mission to the UN and Other International Organizations issued a warning that “barriers impeding the equitable access to, and distribution of vaccines, medicines, and health-related technologies are deeply connected to the effects of intellectual property rights (IPRs).”

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Health care for all should never be subjugated to private interests; the statement called for the “sharing of research, knowledge, and supplies, also with a view to promoting integral human development globally.’’

These kinds of endorsements disregard the fact that the most widely-used C-19 vaccines used human cells from aborted babies, which Christians recognize as an intolerable violation of the sanctity of human life.

Catholic teaching holds that abortion-tainted medical interventions should be avoided. Some bishops have stated that taking abortion tainted vaccines is evil, regardless of the circumstances. Pope Francis endorsed the C-19 vaccines.

The Vatican’s promotion of the C-19 vaccines also disregards unresolved doubts as to their safety in light of reports of significant numbers of side effects, among which are myocarditis, pericarditis, etc.


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