Vaccine Maker Immunity Won’t Cover WILLFUL MISCONDUCT!

Vaccine maker immunity doesn’t cover willful misconduct!

Big Pharma has done so much harm to millions of people with their experimental coronavirus shots.

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Many people trusted the Biden government and the MSM, not knowing that they were the ones who created everything.

I can bet that the globalist made a deal with the MSM to spread fear among the population about the coronavirus. Later, the globalist, big Pharma, and big tech, supported the companies to design a shot, which would be sold as a cure for the virus.

When all the people were so scared of the C-19 hysteria, they trusted the government agenda and got vaccinated. Millions of them experienced side effects; some were mild, but many were severe and still have consequences.

According to many scientists, the consequences from the shot are about to emerge on the surface, when many people will die due to heart arracks, strokes, AIDS, etc.

Tom Renz and Kristi Leigh discussed his attempt to sue Big Pharma for all the harm they have caused to the public with their experimental shots against C-19.



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