The Best Ever Speech Exposing C-19 Vaccines

This woman, who has a PhD in cellular and molecular biology, just gave the most concise and on point testimonials about the C19 vaxx I have ever seen given.

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Her speech was totally 100% unbiased. And smart, calm, cool, and full of amazing on-point facts.

We need to listen to people like this amazing woman!

Here’s what one person wrote after watching:

“This was one of the best testimonials I have heard concerning the C19 vaccine. Straight to the point and right thru the gut!! She brought up the Tuskegee experiment which was done over a 40 Years period and was an “experiment” that was done on African Americans.👇

She brought up the fact that the CDC hid data that the MMR vaccine causes autism in children and that African American males have a higher risk of being #Vaxxed.

She just dropped a bomb on every single one of these “Representatives.”

Take a look > spread the news > don’t forget to comment!


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