STOP SCROLLING! Pfizer Data Dump: Human Safety Was Never Part Of The Plan

Never was – never will be, if we don’t suppress them and make it their priority!

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According to our own sharp and pungent Dr Jane Ruby,

“the latest data dump from Pfizer has confirmed a lot of allegations that critics have been making for more than a year: That there was non-existent safety work before conducting the trial, but they raced ahead and started injecting people anyway, and then made it impossible to track long-term outcomes by tainting the control group.”

But hey, no big deal, we just approved giving this shot to kids as young as five.

Kids who we have known from the very beginning are at zero statistical risk from Covid, who have never been in any real danger of dying or even getting particularly sick.

Now, just to placate mentally ill psychopaths, the CDC is letting cities mandate shots for five-year-olds who will not be helped by them in any way, but who could suffer myocarditis or far worse as a side effect of them.

Watch and spread the word!


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