Psaki In An Attempt To Walk Back Biden’s Gaffe, She Revealed Something Terrible!

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave a disconcerting answer when she received a question why Biden has decided to call Putin a war criminal.

After Zelensky addressed Congress this Wednesday, Biden said that new US military assistance would be sent to the nation.

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Fox News WH correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Biden if Putin is a war criminal regarding everything he has seen. Zelensky’s presentation to Congress included a video highlighting the devastation of the war. Initially, Biden stated, NO.

But, he made his way through the room and returned to the reporter stating, ‘’Oh, I think he’s a war criminal.’’

Psaki was asked what accounted for the change. The admin stated that Putin was under investigation for potential war crimes. Psaki said that the news coverage Biden watched on TV informed his answer.

“The president’s remarks speak for themselves,” she said. “He was speaking from his heart and speaking from what he’s seen on television, which is barbaric actions by a brutal dictator through his invasion of a foreign country.”

“There is a legal process that continues to … be underway at the State Department. That’s a process that they would have any updates on,” the press secretary said.

“As you note, there is an ongoing … formal process before you can use this term. So something must have changed for the president to feel like he can take this additional step today. What? What else is he seeing?” a reporter asked.

“The president was answering a direct question that was asked and responding to what he has seen on television,” she said.

“We have all seen barbaric acts, horrific acts by a foreign dictator in a country that is threatening and taking the lives of civilians, impacting hospitals, women who are pregnant, journalists, others,” Psaki continued. “I think he was answering a direct question.”

Biden doesn’t watch Fox News, and our foreign policy is informed by what commentators on CNN and MSNBC say?

Ed Morrissey is a conservative commentator and shared an interesting theory why Psaki walked back Biden’s remarks about Putin.

Moscow responded this Wednesday to Biden’s war criminal characterization, stating it was ‘’unacceptable and unforgivable’’ rhetoric.

Morrissey wrote that Psaki’s official “walk-back at the White House of it being just Biden’s personal view looks like a retreat in the face of Russian complaints. And that might be precisely what it is because Biden’s still relying on Russia to accommodate Biden’s desperate ambition to re-enter the Iran [nuclear] deal.”

“Rather than recognize the insanity of that foreign policy, Biden and his White House have decided that it makes more sense to accommodate Putin and walk back the obvious,” Morrissey wrote.

Americans have already passed this with the Obama administration; we already know this.


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