Pfizer Document Dump! New Evidence Emerges Every Day! Dr. Naomi Wolf! [WATCH]

Pfizer is in trouble!

Dr. Naomi Wolf was on Steve Bannon’s War Room to share an update of her team’s findings. They are investigating the crimes Pfizer committed with the C-19 shot.

Wolf stated that things were moving along but wanted to see the fruits of the efforts. However, we have to be patient, as attorneys are still pouring over the copious amount of Pfizer documents.

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“Every day, new facts surface, so I just want people to be patient and understand that there are two tracks. In two weeks, I will present a summary, interim report, and press release about the findings for the media, for followers, for the community that have come up. However, that is not the same track, which the lawyers reminded me last night is a longer track of the attorneys – these 250 attorneys – deliberating and creating subcommittees and making decisions themselves, and asking for follow-up documents from the volunteers. That’s going to be a longer process, and it’s also a confidential process.”

She obtained a letter from a person who was following her efforts, describing how this person started watching Bannon’s War Room after their brother suffered a side reaction to the shot.

Wolf didn’t share the person’s identity, and they had decided to volunteer their time to read into the Pfizer documents that are online available.

“By his close reading, he’s identified huge headline number one, are all the adverse events filed, reported in VAERS? And the second thing he’s pointing out is a competitor vaccine – which is not an mRNA vaccine, which doesn’t have conflicts of interest with government agencies – was shut down, and Pfizer’s kept going in spit of deaths.”

“So, again, I can summarize some of the crimes that surfaced in the lawyers meeting without giving details – and I really want to credit, it’s not me, it’s being driven by Craig Klein, my CRO, these 1,500 volunteers, these lawyers – I’m just facilitating and supporting…But some of the crimes that surfaced were racketeering, RICO, denial of civil rights, medical malpractice, device malpractice, and denial of informed consent – but the thing that came up over and over again was a fraud.” Wolf stated.

The fight is far from over! Wolf stated that Pfizer is in a defensive position and expressed an immense amount of gratitude to those who’ve been volunteering their time in this effort.

“These people are in a defensive position, it’s too early to say we’ve won, but it’s so powerful to have all of you empowered with your great skills, your great passion, and intelligence – whoever you are out there. You’re filing criminal charges, you’re filing civil charges, or you will be filing criminal charges after tonight, and that’s making a difference.”

Watch the video below:


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