People Magazine Want To Normalize Blood Clot Among Youngsters! They Ignore Vaccine Injuries!

After promoting the C-19 shots and censoring the experts who spoke against them, the MSM is trying to normalize heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and aneurysms among the young population.

Headlines of myocarditis and blood clots in people under 30 are so common that the MSM wants to normalize that.

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The vaccine-touting, Pfizer-sponsored news outlets, the MSM, wants to make normal the events caused by the shots.

Last week, Hailey Bieber, at the age of 25, a model and wife, was hospitalized with stroke-like symptoms. She had a blood clot formed in her brain.

People magazine warned that “Blood Clots Like Hailey Bieber’s Are Happening in ‘Younger and Younger People.’”

Dr. Shazam Hussain claimed that strokes are common among all people. But, the evidence shared by the CDC claims that the blood clots and strokes are side effects of the VACCINE.
Hussain stated that the increase of blood clots and brain injuries were linked to diets, lifestyles, high cholesterol, etc.

“We think of stroke as being something that happens in older ages, but we are seeing it in younger and younger people,” Hussain told People. “It relates, generally, to people having unhealthy lifestyles, maybe not eating as well or not getting in regular exercise, along with other factors like genetics. So it’s important that people don’t just think of it as something that happens to older people. If you’re younger and have those symptoms, you’ve got to get to the hospital.”

People’s tried to normalize the blood clots among the young, and that came after the outlet promoted the C_19 vaccine.

You can see images of celebrities and politicians getting the C-19 vaccine.

“Studies show that a booster shot provides significant protection against the fast-moving Omicron variant,” People noted,



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