Over 45,500 Rapid C-19 Tests Recalled Because Of High Number Of False Positive Reports!

Rapid C-19 Tests Have been proven to be a disaster.

The FDA announced that the pharmaceutical company Celltrion USA had recalled 45,500 C-19 rapid tests.

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The reason is that they gave out a high number of false-positive reports.

Fox News reported:

The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that a healthcare company has recalled 45,500 COVID-19 rapid tests due to a “high number of false positive reports.”

Pharmaceutical company Celltrion USA announced on Feb. 28 it is recalling specific lots of the DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test due to the high number of false-positive reports, an FDA recall webpage read on Wednesday.

The FDA says that a false-positive test result can lead to a delay in “the correct diagnosis and treatment for the actual cause of a person’s illness.”

The COVID-19 rapid tests also displayed a shelf life of 18 months, but the FDA’s emergency use authorization states that the tests can only be used for 12 months.

Massachusetts had to lower its pandemic death count after a change in C-19 reporting rules.

What do you think? How many other C-19 tests give fake positives?


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