New Rasmussen Polling: Forget Red Waves, We’re Talking Red Landslides

A ‘landslide’ in terms of politics is a victory differential of 10 points or more.

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Right now, depending on the snapshot you use, Republicans are up by anywhere from 11 to 13 points heading into November’s midterm elections.

The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports found that “if the election were held today, 50 % of likely voters would choose the Republican candidate compared with 39 % for the Democrat. Five % would vote for “some other candidate,” and 7 % would remain undecided.”

The report was released on Friday. And it’s proving just how bad it’s going for the Dems.

An 11 % GOP advantage is not a small thing. The fact that Republicans are so far ahead at the moment spells serious trouble for the Democrats’ current House majority.

Though the midterms are still more than 7 months away, if the GOP can maintain this edge, all indications show that it’s going to be the Republicans who will win back the control of Congress in a landslide.


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