Moderna Seeks FDA’s Emergency Authorization Of Second C-19 Booster Shot For All Adults!

Oh, no, again??

According to the New York Times, Moderna asked the FDA to approve their second C-19 booster shot for all adults.

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The outlet added:

Moderna said late Thursday that it asked the Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization of a second booster of its coronavirus vaccine for all adults, a significantly broader request than Pfizer and BioNTech filed for their shot this week.

The request is likely to intensify the latest round of an ongoing scientific debate over how long protection from the two most-used vaccines in the United States lasts in the face of new variants.

Federal health officials have said they are concerned about waning potency of the booster shot that was authorized for both Moderna and Pfizer in the fall. But although there are indications that regulators could move swiftly on Pfizer’s request, it is unclear how favorably they will view Moderna’s more sweeping application.

Moderna said its request covered all adults so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health care providers could determine the appropriate use of a second booster, including for those at higher risk of Covid-19 disease because of age or underlying medical conditions. The firm said its request was partly based on recent data on how well its vaccine protected against the Omicron variant in the United States and Israel.

Pfizer this Tuesday asked the FDA to approve the second C-19 booster for people older than 65.

Fauci was flapping his gums on all the networks. On Thursday, he stated that it would be necessary to reinstitute C-19 restrictions.



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