Mitch McConnell Will Be In Trouble If These Candidates Gat Their Way! [WATCH]

Mitch has a growing list of enemies.

Alabama senatorial candidate Mo Brooks stated that there is a war going for “the heart and soul of the Republican party.’’ He also added that the crucial battle was Trump vs. McConnell, and if he’s elected to the SenateSenate, he will do anything to fire McConnell.

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Brooks was endorsed by Trump, and he attended Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss his campaign. One of the questions Bannon asked was what his beef was with McConnell.

“Mitch McConnell has sold out to special interest groups. His definition of governance and power is to accumulate the money that special interest groups will give you if you do what they want you to do. Well, unfortunately, what that means is selling out the United States of America – because, by definition, special interest groups want something that is special, privileged, that is not in the greater interest of the United States of America.’’

“I don’t believe in that form of governance, but nonetheless, it has worked pretty well with Mitch McConnell because of what he does in these Senate races here and across the United States of America is he uses that special interests group money to pound into submission those of us who believe in the Make America Great Again agenda who are principled conservatives who want to put America first.”


It seems that Brooks isn’t the only one running for SenateSenate and wants to work against McConnell.
Greitens was on Bannon’s War Room, where Bannon asked him why he and Senator Josh Hawley had been coming under fire of late.

Greitens stated it was because he was outspoken in wanting to vote against McConnell.

“The reason why shots are being fired at us is that I was the first guy in the country to come out and say that when I’m elected to the United States Senate, as an America First senator, that I’m voting against Mitch McConnell. And what we found out today – and your audience has seen this, you’ve seen the lies against President Trump, you saw the lies against Brett Kavanaugh – we found out today is that RINOs are now working to make more false allegations.’’

“Just this past week, literally all the way up until yesterday morning, this past week I was with my boys for an entire week. We had a beautiful time; my most important job is being a great father to my boys. And we found out; we just learned that my ex-wife was in Washington, D.C., meeting with political operatives, and just this morning they launched a series of false allegations against us – and the fact is, these are completely baseless.”





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