Kid Rock Drives Let’s Go Brandon Edition Rolls Royce To Tucker Interview

That plate cover though explains why he has earned such a massive number of fans. Especially across the States.

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Kid Rock turned up to meet Tucker Carlson for an interview that just recently aired on Fox News, in his ‘Let’s Go Brandon Edition Rolls-Royce’ with a Waffle House License plate cover.

Check out the amazing miraculously funny and on-point video below:

Tucker Carlson: We had dinner last night, and you rolled up in a Rolls Royce, the Let’s Go Brandon with a Waffle House plate, so for our viewers who might want the Rolls Royce Let’s Go Brandon edition like where can you get one?

Kid Rock: You go on this thing called Google, and you type in you know car badges. Let’s go Brandon, and theres companies that come up on my truck. I got one that says white boy edition. There’s all these crazy… but it looks official. So yeah, I would never drive a Foreign car or be driven in one. I used to like to say to myself like I’m so proud, you know, for how hard I work and you know what I charge people for shows is what I think is fair because I can hold my head high because I feel I’ve never made an unhonest dollar off work back. So I get Rolls Royce. I’m in Nashville, so it’s the thing, I’m not in Detroit. So it’s they, but it came for sale this thing, and I had this waffle house license plate hold forever, and I’m like, I need a car to put that thing on. I need to get that Rolls Royce. And then the Let’s Go Brandon badge came out. I’m like, oh, there is a heaven. I’m like, it’s just too good. That’s too much fun. You know what I mean?

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