Joe Biden Is a Demented Puppet Who Should Be in a Nursing Home – Dr. Zelenko

We Haven’t heard Dr Zev Zelenko speak in such a direct manner, especially about current President Biden.

The situation has surely escalated to a very hazardous level of “worse” since he’s reacting in this way.

What do you think?

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“I think that he was a wicked man his whole life… he’s now a demented puppet.”


Let’s look at the most recent events.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised the President to push for more funds when it came to COVID-19, testing, drugs, and therapeutics.

Although Biden asked Congress for $22.5 billion, Pelosi believed the numbers should be in the range of $40 billion. Americans might be moving past the pandemic, but according to Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, people like Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and even billionaire Bill Gates have used the virus to spread their own hatred over humanity.

Speaking about President Biden to The Glazov Gang, Dr. Zelenko stated, “I think that he [was] a wicked man his whole life… he’s [now] a demented puppet. Who is pulling his strings? The low-line fruit is Obama, and the reason why I say that is [because of] what Obama said… If he had a third term, he’d like to be in his basement, in his pajamas, pulling the strings of someone who’s in the white house.”


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