Joe Biden Calls Putin a “War Criminal”!

Okay once again – we’re not defending Putin and standing along with his actions.

But let’s remind ourselves of Joe Biden’s crimes and war crimes – since this is the guy that’s our “home edition” of Putin!

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Biden told reporters Wednesday that Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal,” referencing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It’s the first time Biden used that term to describe Putin.

Why it matters: It’s the first time Biden has used the term to describe the Russian president. Other senior officials had previously declined to go that far, instead expressing concern about alleged Russian atrocities and support for an international war crimes investigation.

What they’re saying: Asked for clarification on Biden’s comments, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing that the president’s remarks “speak for themselves.”

Russia called Biden’s remarks “unacceptable” and “unforgiveable.”

Psaki offered this snarky reply to the Kremlin’s comments.

And, who remembers Joe Biden wanting to bomb Serbia?

Biden stated: “I was suggesting we bomb Belgrade, I was suggesting that we send American pilots in and blow up all bridges on the Drena.”


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