HUGE: Andrew Whitney, British Operative Wanted To Derail 2020 Election Steal Audits!

One British operative inserted himself into the Trump WH to tarnish Trump’s image and derail the 2020 election audit efforts.

We have reported that a man, Don Berlin, inserted a document into Trump’s inner circle days before J6 to set up Trump for perceived insurrection. The January 6 committee scooped up a summary, and later it was shared with media outlets to state that he attempted an insurrection after the 2020 election steal.

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Whitney used the resumes to worm himself into Trump’s orbit. He was introduced to Trump and tried to push an untested solution for C-19 in the summer of 2020.

The Washington Post reported:

Trump has solicited advice on the virus from a medley of voices, with anyone gaining access to him can bend his ear about possible treatments. The chorus includes Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham, who has paid regular visits to the Oval Office to discuss hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that Trump promoted as a cure for the coronavirus despite scientific studies showing that the drug is used as a treatment, could have deadly side effects.

The president recently hosted Andrew Whitney, a biopharmaceuticals executive on the board of a company called Phoenix, who met in the Oval Office with Trump. Whitney, who has a limited health background, pitched Trump on a botanical extract called oleandrin as a treatment for the coronavirus, according to two senior administration officials with knowledge of the discussion.

Many businesses are identified when performing a search of businesses connected to Whitney.

One business is Rook Perspectives, LLC. It’s connected to Whitney’s brother, Mark Andrew Whitney.

Next was the 2020 election and the election steal. People gathered to address the situation, and Lin Wood shared everything with CNBS.

‘’Lin Wood, a conservative trial lawyer who led a failed legal challenge [actually we have no information that Wood is conservative] against the election results in Georgia, said in a lengthy interview that shortly after the 2020 contest last November, he hosted at his massive South Carolina properties fellow right-wing attorney Sidney Powell, former Trump national security advisor Mike Flynn, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, and Doug Logan, the CEO of cybersecurity firm Cyber Ninjas. ‘’

There were others present at Lin Wood’s properties at this time, and one was Andrew Whitney.

Whitney has a profile similar to Christopher Steele, and both are foreign nationals with dubious credentials and legend.

We know that some of Whitney’s actions were participating in the pre and post-election Republican political activity.

We have written about Do Berlin and the document provided by him to the Trump team.

The Daily Beast reported:

“To this day, Propter Strategies is a black hole, despite its high-profile connections and multi-million-dollar budget,” the Beast reporters explain. “Aside from Happel’s account, there is no evidence of Propter’s activities anywhere in the public record. And that might be with good reason: Those activities included hawking the snake-oil COVID treatment oleandrin at the highest levels of the government, as the pandemic’s lethal second wave peaked across the country.”

Salon wrote:

“Happel, a former Tea Party activist with an entrepreneurial history that intersects with biotechnology, recounted working on oleandrin in 2020 with Propter board member Andrew Whitney,” Sollenberger and Bredderman note.

“A serial entrepreneur and former Bain Capital investor, Whitney was actually pulling oleandrin double-duty — he was on the board at the nonprofit Propter, as well as at Texas-based Phoenix Biotechnologies, whose research centered on the product.

Another crucial role was playing Col. Phil Waldron to provide network and social media analysis for his political projects in this period.

‘’ At the same time that Whitney was funding Col. Waldron, he was also exercising spy tradecraft and utilizing highly secure and secret proprietary cell phones with other political operatives in all the key swing states. The communications between these operatives show a coordinated effort to inject bogus claims and false narratives into the election fraud investigation in order to discredit all future election investigations. It is also clear from the intercepts that some of the actors in this network are actively coordinating their efforts with the Feds.’’ TGP reported.

Whitney worked on many election-related projects and was a prime mover on a few election investigation fronts.

Also, he visited Lin Wood at his plantation and worked on many disinformation campaigns.

With his domestic and foreign intelligence network, Stephan Halper, the British government is linked to a sophisticated measure targeting Trump and the MAGA movement.


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