GOP Con Job Exposed: The Entire Process Of The Destruction of The Republican Party

From the infiltration, to derailing and the end – to selling out the Republican part. Everything is explained from A to Z in today’s article, thanks to nobody else, but our unapologetic truth seeker, Stew Peters.

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“Obviously, Congressional Republicans are a disaster and have been for a long time. Things are a little better at the state level. Sometimes, Republicans there actually do pass good and useful laws. But right now, twenty-five states have completely Republican governments: Both houses of the legislature and the governorship. We should be getting a constant stream of great laws. It should be borderline impossible for the Biden administration to impose its agenda because it’s blocked by a wall of America-first legislation at the state level.”

But, since that didn’t happen – Reporter Patrick Howley has created a whole investigative series he says will expose the media outlets and state GOP officials who are responsible for the “GOP Con Job.”

He claims to know EXACTLY what happened:


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