Dr. McCullough Closes the Case on Mass Formation

It clearly happened in Nazi Germany. And the mass formation is four criteria…

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According to a Canadian poll,

“Among the vaccinated, 86 % want tougher economic sanctions on Russia. For the unvaccinated, it’s 13 %. Among the vaccinated, 81 % want a total oil boycott, versus just 21 % of the unvaxxed. 82 % of vaxxers want to send additional weapons to Ukraine, including 52 % who want to send fighter jets. versus 15 % for the unvaxxed on both questions. In fact, 30 % of vaxxers want boots on the ground in Ukraine, despite the very real risk of starting World War 3. Only 11 % of the unvaccinated are that nuts.”

Though nothing can be 100% straight, these numbers reveal A LOT.

Тhey tells us that the same people who buy into the propaganda about the vaccine also buy into the propaganda about Ukraine. Because that’s what both of these issues are about: Propaganda the press and government are pushing versus facts that we can see right in front of our eyes.

Тhe propaganda tells us that Ukraine is a plucky liberal democracy, some kind of gigantic Brooklyn in Eastern Europe. The way some people on Twitter talk about it, you’d think that being Ukrainian was just a new word for being gay.

The reality is nothing like that.

Here are some events that happened over the weekend. Ukrainian president Wolodymyr Zelenskyy banned eleven opposition parties within the country, including the leading opposition party. His justification for this? Believe it or not, he’s accusing them of “Russian collusion.”

Zelenskyy says, quote, “The activities of those politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response.” How harsh could that be? It might include the death penalty administered without a proper trial, because Ukraine is under martial law right now.

“From the beginning, Putin has said that this war is motivated by NATO expansion, by Russian security, and to prevent genocidal actions by Ukraine against its Russian-ethnicity citizens. Maybe “genocide” is over-the-top rhetoric, the sort of thing you hear when a country is at war. But given what we know about Zelenskyy and Ukraine, do we really think they’re above atrocities? Ukraine has actual neo-Nazi units in its military. We don’t mean gangs, and we aren’t calling them “Nazis” the way the press calls January 6 protesters Nazis. I mean they literally like carrying around Nazi flags and using SS paraphernalia. Since this war started, that unit, the Azov battalion, has repeatedly used civilians as human shields in Mariupol, and they’ve had units on patrol to prevent people from fleeing the city in pain of death. They don’t feel any remorse about this because Mariupol actually does have a lot of pro-Russian citizens in it.

All over Ukraine, politicians and ordinary citizens accused of being “saboteurs” or being pro-Russia “traitors” have been rounded up, tortured in public, and sometimes murdered. You can find videos of this online. In Eastern Ukraine, Volodymyr Struk, mayor of the town of Kreminna, was kidnapped by masked militants and executed without a trial. The response of a Ukrainian government official was “one less traitor in Ukraine.”

Again, all of this is true. This is the country that our leaders want to join NATO so that it’s in a permanent military alliance with us. This is the country they want us to risk nuclear war on behalf of.

And they’re willing to go a long way to do it. Now they’re “warning” Putin against using chemical weapons against Ukrainians. Translation: We think Ukraine might used chemical weapons, and we’re getting read to blame Russia, just like we blamed Bashar Assad for attacks in Syria that he had zero reason to commit and there’s no evidence he did.”


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