Dr. McCullough: A ‘Thunderstorm of Shame’ Is Coming for Those Who Failed to Treat

And shame is the mere beginning… Then comes the thrill for justice.

Then comes PUNISHMENT.

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In a recent panel, Dr Peter McCullough discussed the actual consequences regarding the shameless MSM lies, spread to win campaigns, and make side deals.

G. Vanden Bossche: So yeah, I think this is simply almost a must, it should be almost a law, that people who are diagnosed with this illness that they should get the treatment, right. I mean, this, what are we doing? We have the expertise. We have the people. I mean, it’s just over to you, Peter. But I mean…

Dr Peter McCullough: Well, Jean Pierre showed some slides. Some countries are exactly doing that. They’ve put together very modest treatment kits. I’m in Texas, and just south of us, in Central America, they’re handing out treatment kits right now. And there’s no window to that in the media in the United States. Now, we give no view to the outside world. U.S. doctors would have no idea that other countries in the world are treating it. India has always been treated this way. Greece has always done it this way. Italy did it, then they stopped for a while, they were confused, and they went right back into it.

So they have a whole home treatment program. And so groups are coalescing all over the world. I think two standards have emerged, and I’m very humble. Now. I was to say, Listen, if there was a better drug, if Favipiravir was approved tomorrow and it looked more efficacious than ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, bring it on, bring it on. The Russians think it probably is. That’s perfectly fine. But the idea of doing nothing, which is currently advised in our national institute’s health guidelines in the Australian TGA guidelines, the official advice is to do nothing for these patients. I think historians are going to be very unkind. When all this clears, all that fear comes down. Level heads start to preside. People are going to look at this and say, really, we had a fatal disease, and we advised doctors, we advise patients, the media, our government officials, we advised to do nothing. I think there’s going to be a thunderstorm of shame in the world.



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