Don Jr. Just Asked The Million-Dollar “Felony” Question About Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell..

While the entire American public and media is concerned about the extremely serious allegations regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which came out to be true – he’s nowhere to be found.

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Despite the majority of the American population was 100% that the story about Biden’s laptop was true, the MSM and big tech colluded and interfered with the election by pretending the laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

Here’s more of their deep state lies.

When Hillary lost the 2016 election, it wasn’t because of the Russians; it was because she sucks; she didn’t campaign the right way, and a disgruntled Bernie supporter turned over DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

And in 2020, it wasn’t the Russians who were trying to sabotage Joe. It was his crackhead son, who was high as a kite and forgot his disgusting laptop at the repair shop.

And here’s what Don Jr. said on the topic:

“Now that even the main stream media acknowledges what we all know to be true about the hunter Biden laptop, don’t we all deserve to know how old those underage looking girls were? I get that Democrats are pro-pedo these days, but I think other decent people still care!!!”

And the eruptioning lava comments his statement triggered online:

“We deserve answers”

“I think we all deserve a valid President to pursue justice and undo this mess.”

“Is Tony Bobulinski still alive? Has #HuntersLaptop been murdered yet?”

“And just how much was the 10% for the Big Guy (now a/k/a Mr. pResident?)?”

“And who is the “BIG GUY”??”

“The 50 military higher ups should be brought in to testify it was a lie all along and they lied to the American ppl along with the media bring them in to testify”

“Ohh snap!! TELL EMMMM, jr!!”

“Pedophilia runs in the Biden family. Just read Ashley’s diary.”

“Rico case is needed”

“I have to agree. Fed up of MSM covering up, or simply not reporting, these disgusting crimes.”


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