China Blamed NATO Expansion For Ukraine War!

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng stated that NATO has to stick to what it promised; they can’t expand eastward.

In this Saturday speech, the Chinese diplomat criticized the West for the far-reaching sanctions imposed on Russia after the military invasion of Ukraine. He stated that the leading cause of the war “lies in the Cold War mentality and power politics.”

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Breitbart reported echoing a Kremlin talking point; the Chines envoy said if NATO’s “enlargement goes further, it would be approaching the ‘outskirts of Moscow’ where a missile could hit the Kremlin within seven or eight minutes.”

“Pushing a major country, especially a nuclear power, to the corner would entail repercussions too dreadful to contemplate,” he said.

He understood Russian President Putin’s off-repeated position, stating that NATO must have disintegrated and ‘’been consigned to history alongside the Warsaw pact.’’

“However, rather than breaking up, NATO has kept strengthening and expanding and intervened militarily in countries like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan,” he said. “One could well anticipate the consequences going down this path. The crisis in Ukraine is a stern warning.”

He added that Chinese President XI Jinping said the parties in Ukraine have to demonstrate “political will and keep the dialogue and negotiation going. The U.S. and NATO should also have a dialogue with Russia to address the crux of the Ukraine crisis and ease the security concerns of both Russia and Ukraine.”


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