CDC Data Breakdown: ‘You Can’t Hide This Anymore’

“Smoking gun… In my mind, it’s case closed.”

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The consequences are just around the corner, and Ed Dowd and Rober Kennedy Jr. speak about it with no regret.

“It can be rather difficult to stay on top of the breaking news when it seems each passing month brings an entirely new dilemma. Just since Joe Biden entered the White House, Americans have dealt with COVID-19, Southern border crisis, inflation, soaring gas prices, withdrawal in Afghanistan, and now the war between Russia and Ukraine.

And remember, Biden has only been in office for a little over a year. Still, with Ukraine captivating the world as they stand together against President Vladimir Putin, according to Edward Dowd, the conflict is nothing more than a diversion from exposing the truth about the pandemic and the supposed miracle drug that didn’t stop COVID-19. ”

In the video below, Dowd, who was once an equity portfolio manager for Blackrock, discussed the current situation around COVID-19 and how the data being presented in not only destroying the government’s agenda, but showing how the mandates, lockdown, and jabs might have helped the virus. He said, “The rate of change [in all-cause mortality] is the smoking gun. The rate of change and the acceleration into mandates and boosters. Basically, in my mind, it’s case closed.”


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