BREAKING NEWS: Russia With Proofs Of US Biolabs Research In Ukraine At UN Security Council Meeting! [WATCH]

The Russian Ambassador to the UN Security Council, Vassily Nebenzia, stated that there was a “US-implemented program” of biological research in Ukraine. It may have triggered uncontrolled dangerous infections in Ukraine, among which can be found rubella, diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles, polio, and swine flu.

Nebenzia stated that ”By March 2016, a total of 364 people died of swine flu in Ukraine.”

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“While the US itself shut down military-purpose biological research on its territory due to high risks it posed to the American population, the Kiev authorities actually agreed to turn their country into a biological testing site and have their citizens used as potential test subjects,” Nebenzia charged.

Materials that the Russian Defense Ministry confiscated “prove that all serious high-risk research in Ukrainian Biolabs was directly supervised by US experts who had diplomatic immunity.”

Russians’ claims have to be viewed with the degree of skepticism as those of the rest of the warring parties.

Because of the seriousness of the charges, TGP documented the speech.

This Friday, the Russian ambassador presented more evidence against the US at the UN Security Council.

Nebenzia claimed the US has funded “components for biological weapons created in the territory of Ukraine.”
The Russians claimed that the US experimented with the “transmission to humans of diseases through bats…6 families of viruses were identified including Coronaviruses….”

Last week, the Russians made a similar accusation.

The US responded, “This is malarkey; there are no biological weapons programs in Ukraine; this is a dark conspiracy theory.”

Furthermore, Russia accused the West of a false flag operation.

Why do the Americans hide the research facilities from the public? Why did they fear Russians?


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