Biden Caught On Hot Mic! Finally, He Told The Climate Change Truth!

The Biden admin is nothing but a failed administration.

You can hear Biden speaking off-camera in the video below, and the video has gone viral!

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It has gone viral because Biden finally told the truth about climate change.

Once the President of the US ‘’ensured’’ the cameras weren’t working, he said, “can you see us and hear us?”

Once he ‘’knew’’ no one would hear him, Biden told everything, “Jay, your starting to convince the American people there’s a thing called climate change.”

Watch: reported on Biden’s remarks from the 2021 Climate speech:

Joe Biden is sounding the alarm about the need for more resources to fight a series of wildfires in western states, as climate change has worsened the spread and ferocity of the blazes.

“Our resources are already being stretched to keep up,” Biden told a bipartisan group of governors at a virtual meeting Friday. “We need more help.”

The president opened the meeting with a nod to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who sought the Democratic nomination for president against Biden by stressing the threats from climate change. The mix of intense heat, droughts and other events tied to rising average temperatures has turned the fires into a national challenge as the smoke is worsening air quality as far away as New York City.

“Jay, you’re beginning to convince the American people there is a thing called climate crisis,” the president said at the start of his remarks, before reeling through a series of troubling numbers.

The Democrats promote the climate change story because according to them it’s a health crisis.


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