Amazon Wants To Rebuild The Tower Of Babel

This is extremely troubling!

People say there’s nothing new under the sun!

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The Bible says:

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

It’s from King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9.

He was right!

What can you expect from the smartest man that has ever lived on this planet?

You don’t get much older than the Tower of Babel.

If you don’t know about this, be prepared for a shock.

Below you can see the design of Amazon’s new headquarters building, and it seems really familiar to me.

TekDeeps reported:

The new building looks like the biblical Tower of Babel. The new headquarters will be built in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, the capital of the US. It will be the second Amazon headquarters in the United States. The building has not been named yet, but it will be a real architectural masterpiece.

According to the project, the object is to symbolize the tower, the DNA thread and the tree of life. The facility will cost a staggering $ 2.5 billion, half the size of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. The tower will have 22 floors and nearly 112,000 square meters of usable space.

The new Amazon headquarters will be ecological-oriented and will provide employees with as much contact with Mother Nature as possible. The property will include gardens and relaxation areas. “We do a lot on this site to connect people with nature”Said chief architect and director of NBBJ Dale Alberda, the company responsible for PenPlace. “The design is meant to symbolize both nature and science, but with Helix, we’re really taking it to the extreme. We are building a series of interior atriums and gardens that are not a conservatory or a place you simply visit, but a place where you can really work“- added the architect.

The Tower of Babel built by Amazon is not only an office building itself. The investment will cover a large part of the city. The giant intends to use 2.5 hectares of public space to offer art installations, public grass areas and an amphitheater with 250 seats. Mobile eco-food vendors and agricultural markets will be located on the outdoor squares, and shops and restaurants will appear on the ground floor for everyone to have free access to them.

The facility will be powered by renewable energy produced on a solar farm approximately 300 kilometers away in southern Virginia. According to the project, green irrigation systems will recover rainwater and use natural ventilation. The building itself is designed in such a way as to maximize the interior lighting with natural sunlight.

Watch the video below:


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