Aaron Babbitt: ‘We Will Drag Our Bloody Stumps Across The Ground Before We Stop Fighting For Ashli’

Let’s focus on what happened about a year ago, when an innocent life was ended by police forces and police brutality, and the case still has;t fulfilled the long-awaited justice for the victim’s husband, parents, or the state.

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Despite the federal government’s attempt to withhold evidence surrounding the cold-blooded murder of Ashli Babbitt and the corporate media’s effort to demonize the slain Air Force veteran, her family vows to never stop fighting for her until justice prevails.

Here’s what Ashli’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, and husband, Aaron Babbitt, explained in an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit.

“You are looking at the two people that will be dragging our bloody stumps across the ground until we cannot fight anymore,” Babbitt affirmed. “We will never stop fighting for Ashli. I know what happened that day. Micki knows what happened that day.

“If you’re in a life or death situation where you have to take somebody’s life and you know that you need to follow the use of force continuum – verbalization is a very early step. Take your goddamn mask off and verbalize it. Why you got your mask on when you are about to shoot somebody? He could have easily grabbed her.”

At the same time, the cop who shot and killed 35-year-old Ashli, Lieutenant Michael Byrd, admits he “has no regrets” about killing her and audaciously insists he “saved many lives” by taking the life of the unarmed veteran.

The Justice Department announced last April that it won’t pursue criminal charges against Byrd. After he was cleared of wrongdoing, Byrd has been heralded by the left and corporate media as a “selfless hero” for murdering the unarmed protester in broad daylight.

Babbitt questioned how Byrd could afford the powerful, Clinton-attached attorney without the deep pockets of the deep state.

No concrete evidence has surfaced proving the January 6 “insurrection” was conspired by the federal government but “anything that will be contrived out of the discovery phase is going to show all of this, hopefully,” he said.

“I don’t think a lot of people in America realize who Michael Byrd’s attorney, Mark Shamel, is,” the Marine Corps veteran continued. “He just had to recently take himself off the record because he was defending Danchenko during the Steele dossier case. So, [Byrd] has been fed this high-powered, Clinton-attached DC attorney that he can’t afford. Somebody is paying for that.”



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