A Single Clip From Moscow To Ruin The Entire Media Narrative

The Ukraine narrative is so unified over the MSM you just know it’s fake and sycrhnized!

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They’ve painted Zelensky to be a modern-day religious-type hero. A young politician who was just recently a star in a reality TV show.

WOW. Totally transparent, but there’s more to it…

The left is embracing Zelensky with the same cult-like love affair they had with Robert Mueller and Anthony Fauci.

People are writing songs about Zelensky, treating him like this massive hero, when the truth is, both Russia and Ukraine are corrupt countries.

But, have you noticed how Zelensky sticks with Biden? He never tied himself to President Trump before, but their politics with The States have miraculously changed after Biden became President.

Zelensky has protected the Globalists. He helped Biden, by keeping quiet about everything dirty Joe and Hunter did in that country. And this is obviously because there’s a lot in it for him.

And, have you ever questioned where is Zelensky exactly?

We’ve been told by the media that Russia – a country with one of the largest and most powerful militaries on the planet – is “losing” the war.

We’re also told by our media that the Russian people are turning on Putin. They’re saying that all the “canceling” and “rebukes” from celebrities, world leaders, and corporations is working, and they’re fighting back in droves, as much as they can, against the war in Ukraine.

Here’s a short clip to dismantle it all.

Well, 200K is A LOT of people, and anyway you slice this, it does cast a huge shadow of doubt over the narrative our media has been spoon-feeding us.



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