65,615 Deaths Now Reported in Europe and the USA Following COVID-19 Vaccines

but the corporate media stubbornly refuses to report on this matter. It’s against the favor of their sponsors!

Yep…unfortunately, every MSM and influential TV programme is bought-off by conglomerates and tech or pharma giants.

Politics is being created through these channels.

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“Here at the beginning of March, 2022, official government health statistics in Europe and the United States are reporting that 65,615 people have now died following COVID-19 injections,” Health Impact News reported.

“These are “passive” reporting systems, so the true lives lost is much higher. One study estimates that the unreported factor for COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths is 41X, which would put these totals at closer to 2.8 MILLION deaths, and that is just in the U.S. and certain countries in Europe.”

Furthermore, in the United States solely, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is now reporting 24,827 deaths following COVID-19 vaccines.

That is 2.74 times more deaths than total deaths (9,051) recorded following all vaccines for the previous 30+ years.


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