20 Minutes of Big Fat Corporate Media Lies To Protect Biden’s Campaign From Hunter’s Mess

This is ahuge mess, and the Biden’s can no longer control it.

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This is a great compilation put together by Kanekoa the Great that shows just how craven the corporate media’s liars became during the 2020 campaign to protect the Biden campaign.

The Democrat-controlled media repeatedly lied about the Hunter Biden laptop being a Trump campaign ‘smear’ and part of a ‘Russian disinformation’ campaign. Watch:

During the heat of the 2020 campaign, Now-President Joe Biden charged that Donald Trump’s accusation that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained incriminating information of his business ties to China and Ukraine was nothing but a ‘smear.’

“So what about the Americans who really today only want me to ask you about Hunter Biden’s laptop?” KCRG Anchor Beth Malicki asked him in October 2020. “How are you going to get them to see that you are fighting for them when they’re so dead-set against you?”


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