World Government Summit of 2022 Opening Words: “Are We Ready For A New World Order?”

Suddenly, many people are shamelessly using the phrase. Those same people that refer to the “New World Order” as a conspiracy theory.

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Just recently, our “dear PResident” Joe Biden has used the exact same phrase in one of his speeches.

Furthermore, Ukrainian official Kira Rudik said, “we fight for this New World Order.”

Australian officials declared we’re in the “New World Order.”

And now, we can add another “New World Order” mention at the World Government Summit 2022.

It didn’t take long on the “grand opening” day to reveal the agenda.

The title of one session was called, “Are We Ready for a New World Order?”

We’re living in a world where the NWO is taking a huge massive strike all over the Earth – and they’re still trying to fool us we ain’t the ones that understand?!


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