What’s With The Coat Of Arms Symbol In Ukraine??

Have you noticed the Ukraine symbol floating around recently? Do you know what that means?

‘’Symbolism will be their downfall.’’

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Let’s start:

It’s not a coincidence that Ukraine has the leading role in this world drama!

Check this out:

The Khazars are the ‘’Name Stealers,’’ and they have been wiped out of every history book! So, if you do your own research, you will find something more.

This is the Coat of Arms of Ukraine.

Read from Wikipedia:

Google Images:

We aren’t making this up.

When you Google Search the Khazar symbol, this is the first image.

TopWar has more:

State emblem – a distinctive sign transmitted by inheritance, one of the symbols of statehood, reflecting historical and the philosophical essence of any state.

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, “The Great State Emblem of Ukraine is established taking into account the small State Emblem of Ukraine and the Emblem of the Zaporozhian Army … The main element of the large State Emblem of Ukraine is the Sign of the Prince Vladimir Great State (the small State Emblem of Ukraine)”.

Let me tell you a little secret: Ukraine today does not have a state emblem, there is only a small emblem – a trident on a blue golden shield. At the same time, it is pathetically indicated that this is the “Sign of the Princely State of Vladimir the Great.” The authors of this statement refer to the sign of the state, which, and with that name, never existed. Also, there is still no large emblem, there is only a bill on this emblem, which has not been considered by the Parliament of Ukraine.

So, the main symbol of the state so far is the trident, whose history is shrouded in fog. No one knows exactly where it came from and what this symbol means. There are more than thirty Ukrainian versions of its origin. This is completely abnormal, the symbol of the state is a sign whose meaning is not known to anyone, even those who accepted it.

Myths about the origin of Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Myth 5. Brand instead of coat of arms

There are several versions of its origin. One by one, Prince Vladimir seemed to use it as a personal heraldic sign on seals and coins. The trident at the same time was solely his personal symbol, which had nothing in common with the generic heraldic signs of Rurikovich. In addition to the trident, various Old Russian princes also used the now-forgotten “bicar” and a lot of other sovereign symbols, resembling stamps for cattle. Trident has also never been a state emblem of Russia.


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