What Was On Biden’s Cheat-Sheat That Caused So Many Shockwaves?

Biden and his team of ‘handlers’ called “The Biden Administration” are the lowest-low that has happened to America

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Joe thinks the American people are stupid. He has such a superiority complex, even with his raging case of dementia.

He and his team have tried so hard to pull the wool over America’s eyes and there’s a higher power that won’t let them do it, and I think we all know who that is.

And this was a dustup with a reporter who cornered Joe about the “regime change” comment he made in Poland when he said Putin could no longer be in power.

But one reporter took a photograph of Joe Biden’s notes he used at the presser, and what you will see is all the proof you need that Joe Biden is a puppet.

Jake Schneider from the GOP shared the image.

Here’s what he said: “Biden had to have “I was not articulating a change in policy” written verbatim on a notecard so he wouldn’t screw it up… and he still screwed it up”


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