These People Are Sick!!! Global Elites Allegedly Catch Covid To Push Forth The Killer Vax

Anthony Fauci is warning us all that it may be time for another wave of lockdowns soon.

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At the same time, Israel and Australia are making people get their fourth or fifth covid shots, which is all you need to know about how “successful” those shots are.At the same time, you won’t find any more extreme vax zealots than Hillary Clinton and Jen Psaki, but both of them just announced they tested positive for Covid anyway.

Deanna Lorraine joins Stew Peters to bring to light the blatant lies pushed by the elite cabal. The push for people to inject themselves with the deadly bioweapon clot-shot is starting to return after the fake news media has been distracting the public with endless Ukrainian propaganda and U.S. State Department Lies.

Stay tuned for more lie-revelations!


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