Shocking Video: Ukrainians Shooting And Torturing Russian POWs

A few correspondents worldwide have called on the International Criminal Court, which Ukraine has invited into their country, to investigate the war crimes.

You can see videos where Ukrainian troops shoot Russian prisoners of war in the knees and where they call the families and loved ones of deceased Russian soldiers to mock their deaths.

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The video embedded below is graphic, and viewer discretion is advised.

We can’t verify the videos, but a foreign correspondent from the BBC has indicated that she reviewed the clips.

“Seeing (not sharing) graphic videos from Ukraine. Ukraine has enabled ICC prosecutors to investigate allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity on both sides in accepting ICC jurisdiction,” she tweeted. “Rhetoric from some politicians suggests focusing on Russians alone.”

Russian commentators who track the war on Telegram stated that provoking a brutal response for Russia could be the true motive behind the release of the videos.

Russian soldiers are shown exiting a van under the guard of Ukrainian soldiers.

Commentators tried to portray the videos as Russian propaganda, stating that the victims have been deserters who were punished.

Carl Fridg Kleberg is a foreign correspondent with Sweden’s national public news, found the videos credible enough to warrant an investigation.

Watch the video below:


Banned Video

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