Shannon Kroner Speaks What’s Inside The C-19 Shots And Why People Shouldn’t Take Them!

Healthy population – Poor Big Pharma!

The Dems, Biden, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and many politicians are making billions off the C-19 vaccines on the back of the people’s suffering. They don’t want to talk about the shot’s side effects. But, the Biden departments still promote the massive vaccination as the only solution against the pandemic.

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The main rule of no side effects talk was broken last year, with the CDC Director announcing data about the coronavirus vaccine deaths. Talking to PBS News, Rochelle Walensky hit her talking points about the importance of the vaccines, and she mentioned the deaths caused by the shots.

She said: “…Our death rates are too high, here’s what we know. We know that people who are dying from this vacc – from this, uh, disease are 11-fold more likely to pass….”

Watch the video below, and hear Shannon Kroner explaining what’s inside the vaccines that cause death and why you can’t take the shots.


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