Selective Service Tweet Hints That A Draft Is On The Horizon!

Selective Service tweet raised speculations that a draft may be issued soon.

The Selective Service by definition “is an independent agency of the United States government that maintains information on those potentially subject to military conscription (i.e., the draft) and carries out contingency planning and preparations for two types of the draft: a general draft based on registration lists of men aged 18–25, and a special-skills draft based on professional licensing lists of workers in specified health care occupations’’.

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The states automatically put people’s names into the Selective Service database when they apply for driver’s licenses.

Check the tweet:

You can see how the selective service that they would team up with FEMA.

Alex Jones stated that the US government plans to put the Americans into FEMA camps to control them.

Kake reported:

Young Americans used to anxiously watch game show-like lottery drawings on their TVs that would determine if the government would force them to go to war – the draft.

“It started in the Civil War when the bloodshed was so great that Lincoln couldn’t get enough volunteers,” said Andrew Orr.

Orr is the Kansas State Military History Director. He said the draft ended in 1973, and we’ve been an all-volunteer army ever since.

Fast forward nearly 50 years, and with the escalating war between Russia and Ukraine, many Americans are now wondering if the draft could come back.

“It would have to be something so bad that we would need to create an entirely new model of an army to wage war,” said Orr.

So, what would it take for the U.S. even to consider reinstating the draft? Orr said there are only two possible ways.

“Full-scale war with China, or Russia. Those things could necessitate a draft. China would, Russia might,” said Orr.

This begs the question, how likely is it for the current situation to escalate to that point?

“The scale of crisis necessary to upend the entire way the military works is so big that we’re nowhere near it right now,” said Orr. “The odds are against the U.S. and Russia ending up directly at war in Ukraine. Both sides have reasons to avoid that because we have an awful lot of nuclear weapons. Which makes most people think twice about whether we want to be shooting at each other.”

Orr said even in the unlikely event of there ever being a draft again in the U.S., it would be at least 18 months before the first people drafted would be formed into units. He said we would need a massive new program to manufacture enough weapons, and would have to build new military bases all around the country to even start training.


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