Robert Kiyosaki With A Dire Warning About US Dollar!

The petrodollar system is collapsing, and the state has lost the monopoly on minting money.

This means that there will be a flood of once international US Dollars making their way back home, as the sale of oil and gas will be priced in other currencies.

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Dollar demand is declining because of the pressure from the competing fiat currencies, as well as the digital currencies that have made their way to the forefront of finance.

Robert Kiyosaki warned his viewers of the impending dollar crisis, and he has been issuing these warnings for some time now.

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Finbold reported:

The businessman added that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to the emergence of crypto as a safe haven currency. Finbold reported on March 28, Bitcoin is up 35% since Russia invaded Ukraine showing divergent strength. reported:

Kiyosaki has repeatedly warned about the end of the U.S. dollar. He also recently said that we are in the biggest bubble in world history.

Kiyosaki Recommends Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana
While Kiyosaki has recommended bitcoin (BTC) many times in the past, and ethereum (ETH) occasionally, he has not recommended solana (SOL) until now.


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