Plan To Reinstate Trump Before 2024! (Confirmed By Trump)

Previously we have reported a brilliant plan to reinstate Trump as a president before 2024. Segments of the plan have been discovered online, and we have been told that it isn’t possible because Trump has been told about that, and he wasn’t interested.

The confirmation came from Matt Gaetz and Trump at his latest rally.

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Matt Gaetz shared the plan, and Trump was beside him.

When he took the mic back, Trump said: “Wow, that was interesting!”

Watch the video below:

Everyone has heard about the plan for Trump to become the Speaker of the House, impeach Biden and Harris, and then take over. It has been dismissed as nonsense.

Trump isn’t even running for Congress.

However, there are extra pieces of the plan. SO this way, it was possible.

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes explained how Trump could become the President very fast before the 2024 election.


Here’s the summary if you can’t watch the video!

There are many members of Congress retiring and not running for re-election. The disaster of the Biden regime has the Republicans set to have a massive red wave of new seats in Congress.

Many seats couykd conduct an impeachment of Biden and Harris! What if the massive fraud gets uncovered before the red wave happens?

Also, what if it becomes clear that even CNN and MSDNC realize that Biden and Harris stole the election?
The election would have to be decertified.

Have you ever thought that there could be an easier way?

If you had a red wave, you could do it in a few days, especially if it was on the heels of clear evidence showing they cheated. Who is the third in line to become President?

The House Speaker.

If Trump were appointed as the Speaker of the house by that same red wave?

This is the thing that gets interesting! Did you know you don’t have to be a Member of Congress to be appointed Speaker of the House?


Again, here:

Now we have proof that could play in a manner of days, and Trump will be back in the WH as a President, without Pence!

Maybe this was his plan!

However, they wait until the red wave of 2022 is done and the rest of the plan will go.

Later, you roll out what we have said before, and the things will happen!

Trump’s first term was all about catching the election fraud in the process so that the decades of election steals in America would come to an end.

Watch the video below:


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