Patrick Byrne With An Insane Proposal To Install Mike FLynn As President!

Either as someone who is 100% certifiably batshit crazy (Option A) or as a Deep State Operative (Option B).

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Do you remember Patrick Byrne?

Let me refresh your memory.

He’s a very eccentric computer-geek billionaire, who’s decided to “help out” PResident Trump after “losing” the rigger 2020 elections.

Otherwise, he’s the owner, founder, and CEO of

Except….now all of that is being drawn into question.

Because a recent video he posted appears to show his true motives all along.

Here’s the formula of “success” according to Byrne’s mind-solving plans.

“You install a “Coalition Government”, whatever the hell that means.

Nevermind that it’s entirely unconstitutional, just set that aside for a minute.

Here’s where it gets really bad.

Who would head up the Coalition?

None other than Mike Flynn!”

Watch and listen closely:


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