Massive Crowd At Trump’s Rally In Georgia But It Doesn’t Break Trump’s Record!

Trump had a massive rally in Georgia, but it didn’t break the record since the 2020 election.

The mainstream media doesn’t want to accept that Trump holds the most massive rallies and that precisely happened last night in Georgia.

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Here’s his statement.

Despite the massive crowd last night in Georgia, even despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm was unbelievable. David Perdue, running against horrendous Governor Brian Kemp, who let the Election be Rigged and Stolen, is seeing a very big surge. Will be interesting, but why would anybody want to vote for somebody who unnecessarily allowed a really bad and unfair consent decree but wouldn’t allow a special session as requested by the State Senate. Kemp is a disaster for Georgia.

The rally wasn’t the record for Trump rallies since the 2020 election. It was set in Texas, and he said:

We had a massive crowd last night in Georgia, but as usual, the Fake News Media absolutely refuses to show it. People are estimating 25,000 to 35,000 people, but our record so far is Texas with 87,000 people with 50,000 being turned away. This is really fun!

The leftists want to tell the Americans that no one goes to those events. So, they didn’t show that, and the Dems faked that no one was there.

You can compare the images and see how much they are faking!

Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal for power.


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